Why medyarehberi.com?

Providing the contact information for media contact in an updated and comprehensive fashion, medyarehberi.com is a highly developed platform allowing you to electronically distribute your press releases. Updated by our expert staff and constantly developed by our software team according to the latest technologies, medyarehberi.com provides you many advantages with its user friendly interface regarding media communication.

With medyarehberi.com you;

  • can do away with your updating costs.
  • allow professionals to control the email traffic for your press releases.
  • can immediately distribute the press releases or manage time better by delaying it for a day or more hours.
  • can send RSVP link to the journalists you wish to see at your press meetings and organizations
  • can see the RSVP results over the system and update the changes
  • can follow to whom the press releases you wish to see distributed are delivered and by whom they are opened.
  • can follow which receivers are added to your press bulletins.
  • The press bulletins we send over edyarehberi.com are incredibly small in size, therefore they do not invade the email boxes unnecessarily and your efforts are not wasted.
  • can archive all the press releases you send on medyarehberi.com and can reach all your data if need be including the delivery reports.
  • can enjoy many other advantages.


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