What can you do?

What to do with medyarehberi.com ?

  • can reach the profiles of tens of thousands of media and over 50.000 media members including their telephone numbers, emails.
  • can sort out your search according to your criteria including the type of media, publication period, content, distribution (local-national-regional) etc. and can set up lists.
  • Can set up lists of media members according to your search criteria of media, field of interest, field of reports, field of study etc.
  • Can send the press releases you have set up with one click immediately or at a later time/day of your choice.
  • Can follow the delivery and read reports of all your press releases from the reports section and can make individual deliveries again.
  • Can send and RSP links to people see the results over the system.
  • Can reach the past articles of columnists, make a keyword search in those articles and check out the past issues of the publications you are curious about. You can also see the past broadcast episodes of the TV shows you wish to contact.
  • can enjoy many other advantages.


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